Paper XM synthetic

Papel sintético para impresión en seco resistente al agua y plegable.
Synthetic paper for impression in dry resistant to the water and folding.
XM is a paper of tall quality of impression, even to two faces. Ease of folded. Resistant to the water and in the sunlight. Very solid. It does not break . The plastic two faces for dry system of toner of impression (printers laser, photocopiers, digital press) is a synthetic paper of new generation, based in a sustrato of polyester of tall quality with a layer of finishing of tall printable performance. It is ideal for cards, menus, mantelitos...Realisation of cards, covers for personalised bindings, prices, calendars.
Can find in several sizes, A4, A3, 320x450 and in diverse grammages, 135, 230, 300 and 450gr. 
Synthetic paper
Calendar with XM
Card of Restaurant with XM
Mantelito With XM - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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